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I’m Sarah, 22 and loving it.  Fashion and style are a big passion of mine and having said that, I love shopping!!!! I can shop for hours just to end up with two or three things because I like exploring my options. I love styling because It gives me the opportunity to play with outfits and come up with something fluttering. In addition to fashion I love flowers and plants in general. I guess I’d have to mention that I majored in Horticulture in Uni…(yes Horticulture and I still dressed up to class everyday of my college life even though most days were soil and plants kind of days) at the University of Minnesota. I love landscape designing and floral arrangement because you get to play with color and texture just like in fashion. Like my sister..I’ll also post some of my floral works once in a while. Look forward to it!!
I’m excited to be starting this journey of blogging and the best part is I get to do it with my lovely sister, whose fashion sense and style is so much like mine. We share most of our wardrobe but we dress for our body types. Please look forward to our take on style. I hope that our looks inspire you to try something new and different. Or even better hopefully our posts will expand your wardrobe by giving you ideas on how you can style the outfit you’ve had forever differently.
Thanks lovelies for joining us on this journey. Please stop by often and see what new stuff we have going on. Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions via our blog, social media or email at medamechique@gmail .com


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