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There shouldn’t be anything simpler than choosing a monochromatic outfit, right? I mean, it’s only one color after all, eliminating the struggle of deciding whether item A matches item B. Although this may be true, I believe there is a very good possibility of doing monochrome outfits wrong. The biggest challenge, for me, is choosing which shades of a single color to incorporate into one outfit. Black, Grey and Tan are the three colors no one can go wrong with monochromatically because they are neutral and very flattering. Recently, I’ve found that I gravitate toward a lot of black outfits. They are easy and quick to put together. With this specific outfit, I may look like I put a lot of effort but…I really didn’t. A black pair of jeans does the magical wonder of making an outfit look just slightly more dressed up than your regular blue jeans. And that’s the beauty of fashion. Knowing a secrete or two, you can do effortless and easy, while looking like you put maximum effort.


OH!  I was at my local target yesterday and noticed they’re still selling this exact booties. Although it’s been a year since I got mine, they are currently still full price but I think they’re totally worth it. Here’s a link: Women’s dv Jameson Double Zip Booties

Jeans – H&M

Bomber Jacket: Nasty Gal

Shoes- Target


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