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Happy New Year!! We’re a week into the new year and hopefully you’re still going strong on your various resolutions. Personally I refrain from making any, or at least I don’t articulate them out loud so that on that third week when it all goes to hell, no one’s the wiser. Now that we are done with the holiday festivities (sad face), I hope everyone is having an easy time transitioning back to work and school. I wish you guys all the best in all you embark on this year

New Chapter

Happy Friday mes béautes! The week is winding down and I hope y’all are taking the time to enjoy this beautiful fall weather (albeit it’s a little chilly!) Soon it will be antarctica here in minnesota and I’m personally gonna be hibernating. The one thing that will be very different this winter from all the others is that I’m in a new chapter of my life, otherwise known as adulthood. It’s so weird to think about because now I can’t depend on my mom and dad to solve every little


whoop! well school has started and that means that fall and winter are right around the corner!! So I’m taking as much advantage as I can of what’s left of this awesome whether. This pics were taken a while back (by none other than the lovely Sarah!) but I’m now taking a relaxing break from first day of classes to share the outfit with you. I love this outfit because of its mint-ness, hence the heading minted. Its a fun way to have to wear one color from head to

There is something about having a sister… especially a younger sister. You wanna protect them, guide them, make sure they avoid the mistakes you did and most of all, do what worked out for you or at least give it a try. I adore Dawn, but God knows I can dislike her so much sometime. We have two opposite personalities that clash sometimes, and when they do my mom wants to take us to a shrink to sought out our differences, lol.  She knows the buttons to push to get

Leap of Faith

Bonjour mes beautés!! So have you ever tried something without knowing what to expect at all?? Well, I have! Just this past week actually! I went into sorority recruitment  not knowing anything, NOT ONE THING!! But I had so much fun and met very many great people. I learned a lot about myself in the process. Sarah was the one who encouraged me to do it and talked me through all my hesitations so I’m so very grateful to my sissie!! she’s the best:). Because I took a leap of

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