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Hello guys! Happy Tuesday. I was going through my photo archives and came across these pics that I never got to share. I absolutely love this cocktail dress because it’s one of my favorite to go to’s when I have a dinner or night out with my girls. I remember when I bought it, I picked up about 3 other dresses that day cause everything in the store was just on point. Since it’s such a colorful dress, it needs very minimal accessories. As you can see, I opted to

Before I started writing this post, I looked up the meaning of “roll with the punches”. Now, don’t color me stupid. I knew the gist of the saying but I just wanted to be sure for the purpose of this blog post. I found the most fitting definition on Urban dictionary and it’s this: “when things don’t go your way and you adapt to the changes and keep moving ahead instead of flipin out”.   See, that’s exactly what I had to do this weekend when I was supposed to

Happy Halloween! How is everyone spending their halloween weekend? Personally, not gonna lie, I’m not huge on halloween (but I do love candy!). The stress of figuring out a character, then having to find a costume is just not for me. However, I do enjoy seeing what everyone else dresses up as. What I do love though is fall weather ! All the colorful leaves and brisk cold is perfect for scarves, boots and oversized sweaters/jackets. My first fall experience this season happened to be in Stockholm and it was

Blue Moon

Have you ever come across an item at the store that you simply can’t not buy? This moon earrings were exactly that for me. I was target the other day and saw a set by nickel free but if this particular earrings were not part of it I don’t think I would have bought it. I tend to be picky on the kind of earrings I wear because besides the occasional delicate neckless, they are the only jewelry I’m consistent about putting on. I think the reason I gravitated towards

This dress is one of my favorite summer pieces because it’s light, bright and cute!  It’s sad the season is coming to an end but I’m glad to have made e the best of it. There is fun in experimenting with outfits and this would be one of those looks. I wasn’t sure the keds made a perfect combo with dress, but for a casual meeting,  heels din’t seem that appropriate either. Being that my sister has a big say in my outfit choices, lets say we had an interesting argument

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