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Hey guys!  It’s been two days now since I was in paris but I still have sore feet from all the walking I did around the city (I walked over 50,00 steps, roughly 30miles). I had an amazing time and wish I could have stayed longer because three days was not enough to see all of Paris. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to share the city with you and decided to show you some of my favorite pictures. Since I took so many, it was so

If you told me a month ago, or even two days ago, that I was going to climb a mountain in the near future, I would have paid you no mind. But that is exactly what I did yesterday. A group of 8 of us left Montpellier around noon and headed for Languedoc-Roussillon to hike up Pic Saint Loup. We were originally

Today I got the opportunity to visit Aigues-mortes, a town in the South of France located about 45 minutes east of Montpellier. The city is surrounded by a medieval wall that remains preserved to this day. It was built by Louis IX in the 13th century to facilitate trade across the Mediterranean Sea. The city was also used in the Crusades as well as imprisonment of Protestant women during the Holy War. I was in awe to be