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Fall In Stockholm

Happy Halloween! How is everyone spending their halloween weekend? Personally, not gonna lie, I’m not huge on halloween (but I do love candy!). The stress of figuring out a character, then having to find a costume is just not for me. However, I do enjoy seeing what everyone else dresses up as. What I do love though is fall weather ! All the colorful leaves and brisk cold is perfect for scarves, boots and oversized sweaters/jackets. My first fall experience this season happened to be in Stockholm and it was absolutely beautiful! I wore this denim jacket with shearling during my whole stay because it kept me at the perfect temperature. The greatest thing about it? I got it for only 10 euros at a small boutique in Montpellier, France. I’ll include the rest of the detail about my outfit at the end of the post. Enjoy your halloween and the rest of fall ! XoXo







Turtleneck : zara

Black jeans : H&M

Black booties : CM Paris

Scarf : Target 

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