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If you told me a month ago, or even two days ago, that I was going to climb a mountain in the near future, I would have paid you no mind. But that is exactly what I did yesterday. A group of 8 of us left Montpellier around noon and headed for Languedoc-Roussillon to hike up Pic Saint Loup. We were originally going to take a bus to Languedoc-Roussillon but since there were only 6 seats left in the bus and 8 of us, We decided to stick together and took a taxi. This turned out to be the best things that could have happened because as we would later find out, we would have walked about an hour and a half from the bus stop to the base of the mountain had the original plan not fallen through.

The start of the hike was quite rocky, in the literal sense, but got better the higher up we went. Being in a group made the hike enjoyable for me because we talked about random things and broke out in songs every now and then. With the view getting better as we got higher, we stayed motivated to keep going. There were a few water breaks before we finally made it to the top; it took us about 2 hours. We enjoyed the scenic view while eating our picnics.

The way down was a lot faster, taking us about 50 minutes, but I thought it was harder. Mainly because it was the rocks were slippery and we had to be careful of our footing.

Making our way back to Montpellier turned out to be an adventure in itself. Since we finished hiking at around 4pm, we decided that we could make it to the bus stop in time to catch a 5pm bus. Although we knew the general direction of the bus stop, we didn’t know where it was exactly. We walked for about 3 miles before we reached the highway but there did not seem to be any signs of a town nearby. Using a GPS, we discovered we had to walk an extra two miles before we could make it to the bus stop and so we walked on the side of the highway before accidentally coming across the bus stop at an intersection. It was absolute luck that we saw the sign for the bus because it was a single post in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. Getting from the base of the mountain to this stop took us an hour and half. We had to wait for another hour before the bus was scheduled to arrive so we sat. I watched as people drove by and they seemed quiet perplexed as to what was going on. To pass the time, some of us took naps, and others played card games. 5 minutes before the bus was set to arrive, we all got up and waited, watching the distance. I personally couldn’t stop smiling when we finally saw the bus come our way. In total, we walked about 10 miles, taking about 20,500 steps!

This experience is definitely one I’ll never forget. I hope to hike more regularly in the future because in addition to it being a great way to stay fit, it is an enjoyable activity to do with friends!

Mountain: Pic Saint Loup


At the beginning of the hike






2/3 of the way up!
“steep climb”





Becca giving us all a heart attack


After we got to the top.


On the way to the bus stop, before we realized how far it was.


How far we walked





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