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I’m Sarah, 22 and loving it.  Fashion and style are a big passion of mine and having said that, I love shopping!!!! I can shop for hours just to end up with two or three things because I like exploring my options. I love styling because It gives me the opportunity to play with outfits and come up with something fluttering. In addition to fashion I love flowers and plants in general. I guess I’d have to mention that I majored in Horticulture in Uni…(yes Horticulture and I still dressed

 It’s great to see African fabric and fashion being embraced. Lately African prints and fabrics have been inspiration in multiple fashion houses worldwide. What I’m proud of is the fact that African youth are representing. To show my African pride, I saw it fit to feature this dress next.  I love it coz I can dress it up or down. The main reason I LOVE it even more is the fact that  it’s an A-line and  I’m into anything and everything  A-line. Dress- Biliah Sereti Heels- TJmaxx Bracelet- Kenyan flee market 

   Got to attend a wedding today just in time for my first post. I’ve been having this little pink dress, to be precise fuschia, in my closet and this was the perfect occasion to finally make use of it. And for the blog’s sake, for once I got my sister to do my hair  and eye makeup on the first request without any complaints and cold rejection like she always does…woot woot!! I’m loving the idea of having her pretty me up using the blog as an excuse…valid excuse

Hi. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to MédaMé Chique. On the left is my sister Sarah and that’s me, Dawn, on the right. We’re sisters ( we look nothing alike right?:P) who happen to have  an opinion on anything and everything fashion and would love to share it with you. Make sure to be a regular! Pictures by Barnabas Wamao

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