Blue Moon

Have you ever come across an item at the store that you simply can’t not buy? This moon earrings were exactly that for me. I was target the other day and saw a set by nickel free but if this particular earrings were not part of it I don’t think I would have bought it. I tend to be picky on the kind of earrings I wear because besides the occasional delicate neckless, they are the only jewelry I’m consistent about putting on. I think the reason I gravitated towards

This dress is one of my favorite summer pieces because it’s light, bright and cute!  It’s sad the season is coming to an end but I’m glad to have made e the best of it. There is fun in experimenting with outfits and this would be one of those looks. I wasn’t sure the keds made a perfect combo with dress, but for a casual meeting,  heels din’t seem that appropriate either. Being that my sister has a big say in my outfit choices, lets say we had an interesting argument

   A blazer is that one staple I must have in my closet. It’s an effortless way to dress up without really trying. Paired with a a pair of heels, I can turn something casual into stunning. I think this is when I take time to give a special shout out to the shoes in this post…there are one of those impulse buys but can you blame a girl for falling in love  at first sight <3 Pants JCPenny Blazer TJMaxx Shoes Charlotterusse Wallet TJMaxx      

The last time my mom went back home (Kenya) she brought us back these beautifullesos/Kanga. If you are familiar with kanga you know that traditionally they are  worn as a wrap around the house, as one mainly ladies go about their house chores. They are light and a convenient way to cover up or protect your clothing from getting messed up. I already had a few and thought the ones Ma got could make for a cute skirt. I talked to my designer friend in Canada and after some brain storming

I love this skirt!!! It makes me feel like a fairy. And yes its a skirt I just had the perfect top for it.but the top is actually a dress that  I’ve also previously rocked  here. I’ll work on featuring it as a dress soon:) I love the hint of African fabric (kitenge) and the fact that its so subtly incorporated. I wanna make a shout out to my friend, and go to designer Judy Gesare for always making such beautiful pieces for me. You know starting a blog has really

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