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Suede A-line Skirt


Pumpkins, Apple Orchards, leaves changing colors and everything pumpkin spice flavored. It’s Autumn!  We’re finally in full fall mode and I am ecstatic. My favorite thing to do lately has been my drives from work around 7am when the sun is rising, the sky is a mix of indigos & pinks and you can see the different leaf colors. It’s so gorgeous. The one thing that’s difficult about fall though is dressing for the right temperature. It’s normally chilly in the morning but warms up as the day progresses. Wear too many layers and you risk being too hot the rest of the day. Dress too light and you’re freezing in the morning and evening. What I normally do is have a light coat or sweater with me cause it’s so easy to just throw it on or take off. With this particular outfit though, I balanced wearing a skirt with a cashmere sweater from Joe Fresh ,  pantyhose from Victorias Secret and booties from Tommy Hilfiger . This mahogany suede skater skirt is one of my current favorite from my closet. I thrifted it when I was in France for a huge steal. Real suede for 34 euros!!! That doesn’t happen often. Which motivates me to get out and thrift more. However, I wanna find small boutiques to thrift at. I think they have more unique items. Before I get too far off topic, I wanna wish everyone a happy fall season. Be sure to get out and do something fall related. I’m going to an apple orchard on Sunday, What are you gonna do? Let me know in the comments sections.




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