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Weekend Trips Travel Essentials

Hey guys! I’ve decided to do a short post on weekend travels and share with you want I think is essential to carry in order to ensure comfort and avoid making unnecessary purchases . With my up-coming trip to Paris this weekend(so excited!!), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put together a list while I pack and refer to it in the future.

One of the outfits I’m bringing with me. It’s colder in Paris than it is in the south of France this time of year so I’m excited to breakout this faux fur sweater!
The Eiffel tower makeup pouch is an absolute coincidence. I didn’t get it for this trip lol
This is to show you how small containers compare to actual products. I’m only bringing the tiny containers.
Reading material for 3 hour train ride

And now here’s the list:

Toiletries: These are things like body wash, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo..etc. Basically, anything you need every morning to get ready for the day. I have small containers that I use to carry only what I’ll need in order to avoid carrying huge bottles that take up too much space. Some hotels will often have body wash and soap but due to my sensitive skin, I prefer to bring my own.

Pain medication: You never know what’s going to happen so it’s better to be prepared. I learned this the hard way when I got sick at the paris airport and had nothing to alleviate my nausea.

SnacksBring foods that have long shelf lives and don’t need to be refrigerated. You’re more than likely going to be buying all your meals and these could save you some money. Plus, it’s perfect for when you get hungry at night and  have no fridge to raid.

Electrical Convertor/AdaptorIf you’re in/ going to a foreign country, find out whether the outlets are different and carry an adaptor if needed.

Cash: You never know when you’ll need loose money; but don’t over do it. Have about $50 to $80 to be on the safe side.

3 to 4 outfits: This is all dependent on what type of trip you’re going on. For me,  one outfit that I always carry with me is a plain white-tee, blue denim skinny jeans and chucks. It’s a comfortable outfit for touring around a new city. For this paris trip in particular, I’ll also bring along a dress and booties for night outings. Be mindful of the weather when packing, you don’t want unexpected expenses because you’re unprepared.

pajamasI feel like this is one of those things people forget to pack but is important for obvious reasons

Must have make-upDon’t try to bring all your makeup because you likely won’t use it all. Think about your outfits/ activities and plan what makeup look you’ll wear. This way, you can bring only items you need. Do not forget your makeup wipes, and skin care products!

PassportObviously! If you’re traveling out of the country, you’re gonna need this. If not, I would advice leaving it at home and just bringing a photocopy (particularly if you’re studying abroad).

EntertainmentBring a book, magazine or music to keep you occupied on your way to and from the trip.

Have a planDo some research of where you’re going ahead of time so you have an idea of what you want/will be doing while away. A single weekend is really not enough to explore a new place. Doing research will help you prioritize.

I hope this is helpful for anyone with an upcoming trip. Have fun on your getaway!!!

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