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White Zip up Dress

Happy Sunday! I hope this post finds you enjoying the last day of your weekend. I’m finally going to the farmers market today come rain or sunshine cause if not, soon it will be November, the market will be closed, and then I will inevitably wallow about not having gone. I’m not even looking for anything specific, I’ve just been wanting to hit the market, maybe get some fresh flowers. Now question is, what do I wear when the weather changes every two hours? (Oh yeah, that’s Minnesota for those who didn’t know. Sunny one minute, hailing the next)  Certainly not the outfit I have on in this post. Speaking of, lets switch gears. It’s after labor day and if I claim to be such a fashion guru, which I’m not, why the white? well, two reasons really.  1.  I had no idea where the no white after labor day rule came from before I googled it. And turns out, it’s a whole lot of nothing. So wear white whenever your heart desires, except to weddings of course.  2. In the spirit of full disclosure, this pictures are actually from May. But my point is, when it comes to fashion, there can at times be rules on what you can’t wear when, pair this with that,… etcetera. And while at times it maybe appropriate to listen to those, I think the best fashion statements are made when we chose to showcase our own interpretation of clothes, and shoes, and makeup, and accessories. If it feels good, and looks good, I say go for it. That’s what I’m gonna do when I pick out what to wear to the farmers market today!

Have a lovely week ahead. XOXO

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